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Asset Protection

These are the jobs posted by Indiana employers that include the skill listed above.

Job Popularity Index Job Title
  Loss Prevention Specialist / Manager- requested in 58.6% of job postings
  Store Manager- requested in 7.5% of job postings
  Food Service Team Member- requested in 4.3% of job postings
  Hotel Desk Clerk- requested in 19.4% of job postings
  Stocking Clerk / Sales Floor Support- requested in 6.5% of job postings
  Asset Protection / Security Manager- requested in 28.8% of job postings
  Warehouse / Inventory Associate- requested in 11.9% of job postings
  Bartender- requested in 16.1% of job postings
  Personal Banker / Banking Sales Staff- requested in 4.5% of job postings
  Busser / Banquet Worker / Cafeteria Attendant- requested in 30.9% of job postings
  Maid / Housekeeper- requested in 3.1% of job postings
  Branch Manager- requested in 3.8% of job postings
  Valet / Parking Lot Attendant- requested in 17.7% of job postings
  Home Appliance Repairer- requested in 37.3% of job postings
  Refrigeration Technician- requested in 22.2% of job postings
  Alarm / Security System Technician- requested in 7.6% of job postings
  Fuel Service Attendant- requested in 6.2% of job postings
  Night Auditor- requested in 16.9% of job postings
  Casino Dealer- requested in 17.4% of job postings
  Entertainment / Recreation Attendant- requested in 10.1% of job postings
  Small Engine Mechanic- requested in 16.5% of job postings
  Surveillance / Private Investigator- requested in 4.7% of job postings
  Concierge- requested in 4.2% of job postings

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