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Certifications Demanded by Indiana Employers

These are the jobs for which Indiana employers are seeking COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE certifications when they are looking to hire. Job seekers should include information about certifications they possess on resumes and job applications. Those interested in pursuing short-term training and certification should research the demand for a particular certification prior to entering training. Employers can learn which short-term credentials and certifications other employers are requesting or requiring for similar occupations. Incorporating certifications into job ads and job descriptions can improve job matching for employers and job seekers.

Job Popularity Index Job Title
  Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver - requested in 99.8% of job postings
  Delivery Driver - requested in 76% of job postings
  Laborer / Material Handler - requested in 6.3% of job postings
  Retail Supervisor - requested in 3.8% of job postings
  Bus Driver - requested in 100% of job postings
  Van / Taxi / Shuttle Driver - requested in 59.8% of job postings
  Production Worker - requested in 8.1% of job postings
  Repair Worker / Service Technician - requested in 2.6% of job postings
  Courier / Messenger - requested in 19.7% of job postings
  Janitor / Cleaner - requested in 2% of job postings
  Landscaping / Groundskeeping Worker - requested in 8.6% of job postings
  Operating Engineer / Heavy Equipment Operator - requested in 27.2% of job postings
  Route Sales Representative - requested in 37.4% of job postings
  Recreation / Activities Worker - requested in 6% of job postings
  Heavy Equipment Mechanic - requested in 12% of job postings
  Electrician - requested in 3.6% of job postings
  Retail Sales Associate - requested in 0.2% of job postings
  Transportation Supervisor - requested in 16.8% of job postings
  Forklift / Pallet Jack Operator - requested in 3.5% of job postings
  Construction Worker - requested in 4% of job postings
  Utility Line Locator / Technician - requested in 26.7% of job postings
  Tree Climber - requested in 71% of job postings
  Scheduler / Appointment Setter - requested in 1% of job postings
  Valet / Parking Lot Attendant - requested in 8.1% of job postings
  Construction Foreman - requested in 4.6% of job postings
  Warehouse / Inventory Associate - requested in 1.4% of job postings
  Motor Vehicle Operator / Transporter - requested in 48.4% of job postings
  Welder / Solderer - requested in 1.2% of job postings
  Transportation Manager - requested in 4.6% of job postings
  Shipping / Receiving Clerk - requested in 0.9% of job postings
  Transportation Maintenance Worker - requested in 48.6% of job postings
  Crane Operator - requested in 18.2% of job postings
  Construction Manager - requested in 0.7% of job postings
  Plant Operator - requested in 5.2% of job postings
  Distribution Supervisor - requested in 2.4% of job postings
  Safety Manager / Specialist - requested in 0.9% of job postings
  Warehouse Supervisor - requested in 0.9% of job postings
  Firefighter - requested in 5% of job postings
  Sales Supervisor - requested in 0.2% of job postings
  Storage / Distribution Manager - requested in 0.8% of job postings
  Entertainment / Recreation Attendant - requested in 1.9% of job postings
  Farm Helper - requested in 2% of job postings
  Production Supervisor - requested in 0.1% of job postings
  Plant Manager - requested in 0.6% of job postings
  Refrigeration Technician - requested in 0.5% of job postings
  Pump Worker / Operator - requested in 31.5% of job postings

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