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  • Job seekers and Career Counselors can find career opportunities and short term training programs that best match their skills and interests, are in high demand, and have competitive wages.
  • Employers can create and download customized job descriptions to meet their recruiting needs, learn more about the occupations they are hiring for, the skills and credentials they should be requiring, and the wages being paid to similar employees around the state.
  • Students and Advisors become better informed about short-term training programs that lead to gainful employment in the state and regions in which they live.
  • Policymakers and Researchers can use this site to gather workforce supply and demand data such as: recent employer job postings by occupation, education, skill, certification and wage levels; recent graduates by type and level of training; and training programs.

This web site is a public database designed to evidence the demand for specific jobs, skills and certifications compared to the supply of graduates in related training (of two years or less) in Indiana.

How is this site different from other sources of labor market information?

IndianaSkills analyzes employer job postings throughout Indiana and ranks which job titles are requested most often, both statewide and by region. The site provides specialized skills, baseline skills, and industry certifications being requested by employers for these occupations. Job postings data is provided by Burning Glass, a company that uses proprietary technology to "spider" more than 17,000 sources worldwide including employer websites, job boards, newspapers and government agencies.

IndianaSkills also provides the latest employment and wage data available for recent graduates of Indiana's public post-secondary institutions. This information comes from Indiana's Workforce Intelligence System, or IWIS. Because IndianaSkills is focused on middle-skills jobs, the term "graduate" refers to completers of short-term training (two years or less beyond high school) including Certificates and Associates degree programs.

Who is this site designed to help?

IndianaSkills is a tool to inform decision making for career advisors, school counselors, students, job seekers, career changers, employers, workforce researchers and policymakers. Users can find which jobs, skills and certifications are requested by employers and which Certificate and Associates programs have the most graduates, with the highest employment rates and earnings. With a simple click, a one-page job description can be created summarizing the skills and certifications requested for any occupation. Employers can use this to add better detail about skills and certifications they are requesting in job ads placed on Indiana Career Connect or other job boards.


Key Tools & Features

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